The Paradox Project

When what we've done or what has been done to us
causes us to feel unworthy of love.

I believe music can be used as a vessel for healing. My goal is to shed light on the darkness and shame we hold inside, because I believe it is when we are most vulnerable and allow ourselves to be known it is when we should feel the most loved. Jesus calls us to never shame our brothers and sisters but to love them! It is quite a paradox in that the One perfect being who had every right to call us unworthy and unclean and who saw into our deepest darkness did not shame us for it. In fact, he loved us in spite of it. So let us do the same. Let us do our best by the grace and power of Jesus to love unconditionally those who have survived sexual trauma, abuse, human trafficking, or some other disdainful injustice. Including you. Let us be living paradoxes. 


Leah Jacqueline

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