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Blue whales are my favorite animal and whale watching in Alaska has been a dream of mine for some time now. I have such a fascination with whales because they are the largest mammals on earth yet they seem so gentle and serene. Being so large, it would not be surprising if they decided to band together and take over the ocean right? But it's like they forget how big they are and the weight they carry and they go off on their own and kinda decide to just be. They seem like the most mindful creatures ever to exist, and the way they communicate is incredible to me. They are becoming fewer and fewer which breaks my heart, but it also makes them extra special. They are so big and beautiful, in fact, I think it would terrify me a lot to be up close to one in real life. That excites me to think about. It is often the scariest things that are also the most exhilarating.

Kinda like giving up everything to chase what you're truly passionate about.

Now people always ask me about the song, Alaska, and it’s always the same question: “But why Alaska?”

To be honest... to be totally real with you... I'm not sure why Alaska. I know you were expecting me to say "Oh because that is where I want to go whale watching!" or "That's where my homeopathic doctor just moved to!" (Kidding, I know you were not expecting me to say that but it is true). Or I could even tell the story of how my mom got offered to be the key note speaker at conference in Alaska and she was hesitant to go so I offered her some encouragement. She did end up packing her bags and going to Alaska, and it was awesome.

But at the time I wrote this song, I didn't have a strong fascination with whales and it was a couple years before my mom got offered that amazing opportunity. At the time, I think i was a sophomore in high school just messing around on the ol' guitar and it sorta just came to me out of the blue. I guess I just picked Alaska because it seemed like a really cool place to go. It also seemed like a really cool place that I may never get to go. Hopefully one day I will get to go to Alaska. But more simply put, packing your bags, setting out and traveling to the physical place of Alaska is a metaphor for setting out to chase your dreams and get after whatever it is that sparks your passion.

I think sometimes things just come to you and you roll with it. That's how the process of writing this song was and a lot of times I think that's how chasing dreams is. You can't think too much or let fear hinder your process. You have to trust yourself along the journey and firmly resist falling into patterns of comparison. Don't be afraid to try out your own ideas no matter what others think or say and nourish your creativity, talents, and skills in a way that works for you.

Easier said than done? Maybe. I myself am still learning all of this.

But all you have to do right now is take heart and begin.

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