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From the Start

Hey. My name is Leah Jacqueline. I am here to simply share my passion with the world in hopes that God will use me for His glory and my good. I love to write and I love music. That' where it really all began. In my bright green bedroom when I was in the 4th grade, I decided I would teach myself the guitar. And so I did and I began to write songs. Songwriting became my form of self therapy. For years I just wrote about whatever I needed to get out of my messy head to make more sense of the world around me. I did it for me and because I had something to say, I just wasn't quite sure how to say it. Music gave me a voice, it gave me self-love, it gave me confidence, and most of all it gave me healing. I am here because I believe music is incredibly healing. And that's where I am today. My heart is to write songs that bring healing. Even if it's only for the 6 out of 57 or so people who choose to listen. I long to bring light to topics of injustice, abuse, body image, suicide awareness, sexual trauma, and mental health. The problems that often go unseen and that are not talked about should no longer be silenced by shame. Even if it's in obscure metaphors and seemingly senseless phrases, I am choosing to write about what is real. My truths and most likely the truths of many others out there. These upcoming blogs will be the connecting point between my story, my songs, and the healing nature I hope they will accomplish. Please feel free to respond and let me know what you think. Also be on the lookout as I release new music, and I will hopefully be posting blogs somewhat frequently.

You are loved,


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Leah Jacqueline

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