About Me

I have a heart for justice and for using music as a vessel for
bringing about hope and healing.

I myself am so average.

I am just another human in this broken world. The only difference is that I choose to live with open hands in the pursuit of what God is calling me to. I choose to accept an identity that is beyond my circumstances and with that, comes joy.

I am a full-time student-psychology major from Berry College, worship leader, musician, blogger, and lover of motion (boxing, running, yoga, etc). I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia in a home surrounded by music. I love my dogs. I love coffee. I love people. Most importantly, I have been changed by the grace of God through the Holy Spirit because of the life and love Jesus so freely gives to all. I am a new creation and like most people, I have a story to tell. The coolest part about my story is that the abuse, pain, and trauma of my past is not who I am anymore.

I now long for God to use me in whatever way possible to bring healing, hope, love, and freedom to those who have been through deep-seated trauma. You are worthy of healing and restoration.

You are worthy of real love.

Please feel free to email me prayer requests, stories, etc. And once again, thank you for checking out this space.