Leah was born and raised outside of Atlanta, Georgia, influenced by various genres of music and culture: from pop, country, indie-folk, to alternative rock, hip-hop, and jazz.  As the daughter of a music teacher, professional cellist, and studio musician, Leah was inspired by her mom to express herself musically and creatively from a young age. Because of her musical upbringing, Leah has always had an ear for it, teaching herself guitar and songwriting at age 12. But she has also always had a compassionate heart for people. She strives to combine the two by writing songs for the ones who need it most: songs about pain, hope, healing, and living. Songs for those in need of healing. Her intention is to make people feel seen, heard, known and loved through her music and words.

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In honor of those who have experienced sexual, domestic, or emotional abuse or trauma and who are in deep need of healing. You are not forgotten.


Leah Jacqueline

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